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Letter Writing

Can't think of what to put in your next letter? If you've been traveling the world or taking kids to soccer practice, your godchild wants to hear from you! Here are some ideas for your next letter:
If you are sponsoring a child in classes 1-5 please print or type your letters as these children are beginners at reading English. Also note that letters to you may be short in length for the same reason. Often, younger students will have an older student write what they want to say.

If you are sponsoring a child in classes 6-10 feel free to either print, type, or write in cursive.

The longer the letter, the better! Need ideas on what to write about?

  • Recent trips/vacations
  • Family updates – weddings, births, events
  • Weather/changing seasons
  • Traditions (holiday, school year, family)
  • Jokes/funny story
  • Sports news/activities
  • Job/work updates
  • Hobbies/interests
  • Encouragement – Bible verse, quotes, sayings
  • Ask lots of questions!

Gift-giving lists will be provided to you when letter requests are sent.
Please do not include personal information in the letter such as address, phone number or email. Thank you for building a relationship with your godchild through letters!

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Your child cherishes your letters as his or her most prized possessions. Please make it a priority to send a letter with EACH mailing.