Invest in a Student, Change a Generation

Vijayalaxmi Memorial StoneBridge School

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Envisioning Quality English Education for the Poor
Among the poor and underprivileged classes of Indian society, the benefit of a formal education is a distant, elusive hope. Nowhere is this more true than state of Telangana, where Harvest Ministries has been actively involved in spreading the Good News of our Lord Jesus Christ.

The literacy rate in this region is abysmally low compared to other regions. Only 30 percent of children are able to attend school, and very few quality schools cater to the downtrodden classes.

It is in this dark and dreary scenario that the Lord has given Harvest Ministries the vision to educate many of these children so they can realize their God-given potential. Harvest Ministries wants to transform and impact a whole community of children who would otherwise not have access to English schools. Through a partnership with
StoneBridge Church Community in Charlotte, North Carolina, this hope has culminated in the opening of the Vijaylaxmi Memorial StoneBridge School in June 2010. The school began with 143 students in grades 1st through 5th. Today, the school houses 230 residential children with another 50 day students attending.
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We believe that each child has immense potential, and therefore our vision is to see that each child receives a fair opportunity to grow and develop their talents. We aim at the holistic growth of each child, just as Jesus Christ “increased in wisdom and stature and in favor with God and man.” (Luke 2:52)

VMSS is a co-educational, residential school serving the children of the underprivileged, for whom education in an English school is a distant dream and a luxury. VMSS is more than just a school; it is a home, where a child is nurtured, mentored, and pointed Christ-ward. VMSS is building a bridge between these children and their dream of an English education, to help their dreams become reality.

Core Values:
  • To create an indigenous and contemporary learning environment
  • To educate and equip children to be productive in society
  • To help each child find God’s purpose, plan and provision for now and for eternity
  • To facilitate a godly environment that would encourage them to know their Creator
  • To establish a fully equipped boarding, co-educational school with the best infrastructure
  • To protect their childhood by laying healthy foundations for a lifetime
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